Sports and activities in Dakhla


If you are planning to visit Dakhla in Western Sahara then let us tell you that you are going to enjoy numerous sports, these can water sports or other. One can enjoy water sports like sailing, kiting surfing and much other. Besides water sports and activities one can enjoy a traditional desert event that is quads Dakhla Truk Adventure. There is an almost 13-mile track for truck adventures. However, one can sail and surf in water for about 9.8 miles. These water sports are very organized, professional and diversification. Let us have a look what activities you enjoy in Dakhla Desert.

Kite surfing in Dakhla

Kite surf is modified and enhances as well organized version o kiting. However, it is done in seas and oceans. Dakhla is the ideal place for kite surfing. It provides you perfect weather for kite surfing. Here everyone irrespective of experience level can enjoy. If one is experienced or is new. Here you will see numerous activities and people or facilities to support your love for kite surfing. The visitor will locate some schools to teach them some basic rules of kite surfing.

Dakhla Surfing:

If you are not kite-surfing lovers or by any chance, you didn’t enjoy kite surfing. Then in Dakhla, you can enjoy some other activities or sports too. Among them, Windsurfing is the one. There are many places where tourist will find instructors and equipment. People recommend visitors to at least try windsurfing for one time.


Fishing is a hobby as well as a profession of some individuals living in Dakhla. So if someone visits Dakhla, he or she may enjoy Fishing. The best thing is that temperature of Dakhla is never too low to not to go to beach and enjoy fishing. At the same point, one may find shops which provide your tools for fishing. Not only tools but also facilities to cook. Besides fishing, one may find top class oyster in Dakhla to eat.

Dakhla Bay:

Tourism is one of the sources of income in Dakhla. As they have plenty of coastlines, so they have polished and well-organized tourist industry. One can enjoy numerous activities as well as one can shop here too. The existence of airport is another proof of effort for promoting tourism in this small but blessed town. This city has a good number of café and restaurants which offer good tasting food.

When to go to Dakhla

Summers are not too hot so is vacation season.SO Dakhla Bay is filled with tourists in this season. Local Administration makes sure that visitor enjoys their stay in Dakhla. Dakhla management frequently organizes many water based activities, i.e., aquatic activities, wind-based activities, and some other events. However, this is not the appropriate season for kite surfing.

Kite Surfing season:

Kite surfing is from May to October when the weather is perfect with a lot of trade winds. The period of trade winds is perfect reason and season of kite surfing? These trade winds and normal temperature makes surfing easy and stay more enjoyable.

All of these things and much make it more affordable and enjoyable place. Beside above mention activities, one can enjoy boating and Dakhla truck adventure. So next time when you are planning a vacation then you should give Dakhla a try.