How to earn a living with Youtube?


Making money from the Youtube has been an eye-grabbing topic for the whole year. Youtube is a website where one can upload videos. Once the video is uploaded people can view the video, like the video and comment on the video. Thousand of the Youtubers are uploading the videos on the Youtube daily. These videos can be used to advertise the different product.

Following is a list of basic steps to take for earning through Youtube.

Get a camera Make a video

This is an essential part of the job. A person needs to have a good camera and be able to film a video and then upload the video. The video quality should be okay for the viewers on the Youtube to watch. If the video has sound it should be crystal clear since visitors loyalty is totally dependant on the video Quality.

Message in the video

Message in the video should be catchy. So that when people watch the video they should be able to enjoy and understand the message. The Youtube viewers appreciate the meaningful messages. Sometimes a small message can keep the viewer’s attention for the whole video. A half or non-understandable message doesn’t leave a great impression on the viewers. That is why video message should be properly scripted and tested through discussion. This would ensure the traffic on the video and long term engagement with the channel.

Title for the video

Since all the video searches on the Youtube would be made according to the title. This part of the video should be properly searched and drafted. There are many things related to the title that is available on the Youtube. The idea of the message may be unique but someone may already have worked in the same genre before. So properly searching the Youtube for the title can help in generating good traffic for the channel.

Tags on Youtube

This is an important part since most of the community does pay a lot of attention to the area. Tags help appear on the search result. Tags and title are those factors which generate and direct the traffic towards the channel. Tags currently are the pivot on the bridge through which traffic is going to pass on route to the channel. If tags and title collaborate properly the video traffic would be unstoppable. A lot of Youtuber upload great content on the Youtube but they make title and tags so search oriented that traffics keeps on piling up views on the videos.

Sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

It is important to share the video to get views from social media. If you are an active Instagram user, you can buy Instagram followers from any trusted website to share your video. Same is the case with other social networks like twitter and facebook. All of the social media networks provide a great deal of original users and traffic on youtube.

Youtube Monetization

All the above mention points are about the users generating the content and maintaining the traffic on their channel. A Youtuber earns through enabling the Monetization on the channel. Monetization means that advertisement is allowed on the channel videos. For Youtube, they charge a fee to the advertisers. Then Youtube shares that fee with the Youtuber because the advertisement is being shared on the channel on the start of the videos. When people see the video which has advertisement a channel of the Youtuber earns the money.